In Septermber of 2016 Titan Books published my novel Invasion. The novel received excellent reviews and went into a second printing in the U.K. and was translated into five languages. At the end of that novel I promised readers a sequel entitled The Hairy Balls and the End of Civilization, and now, by some miracle, I have finished that sequel and sent it off to my agents, who will send it on to Titan.

But the book is not an ordinary fictional sequel to an “ordinary” novel. It has been described  this way:

 The Hairy Balls and the End of Civilization is Luke Rhinehart’s most original and provocative book since The Dice Man. It is a satirical look through the eyes of super-intelligent aliens at the way we humans make ourselves and our planet miserable by the illusions we live with. These illusions– about ourselves, our society, and about the corporate, military and government establishments–make it impossible to deal with the problems these establishment are creating for the world. The Proteans also see a sickness in the individualism that isolates each human both  from others and from the earth itself.    

The book consists of both hundreds of Protean definitions showing the real meaning of our most important words, and also Protean Proverbs, essays, Adages Revisited,           and numerous witty and satirical illustrations, art works, and cartoons.

It is a book intended to wake people up to the lies we live by.

And to laugh.