The Search for the Dice Man

Search for the Dice Man

Luke still lives!

SEARCH FOR THE DICE MAN is Luke Rhinehart’s sequel to his great cult novel THE DICE MAN. The novel asks the question what would happen if Luke’s son Larry, now a conservative, conventional Wall Streeter, is forced to begin dicing as the only way to find his father and avoid being exposed to his establishment friends as the son of a notorious outlaw and kook.

Son Larry is about to marry his boss’s daughter when the FBI shows up wanting to arrest his notorious Diceman father Luke. For years Larry has tried to keep Luke’s existence hidden, so now his carefully ordered world begins to crumble. The authorities suspect Luke is behind acts of cyber warfare against the government, banking and Wall Street interests. Larry has to find Luke before the FBI does. His search takes him to a “Dice Commune” called “Lukedom”, to a new love, to rigging the stock market, and to total comic chaos. By the time he finally confronts Luke he has been profoundly and hilariously changed, his previous successful conservative life of upward mobility turned on its head. The story is by turns funny, moving, and erotic. Right down to the final roll of the die.

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