Long Voyage Back

Long Voyage Back

Chosen as one of the ten best science fiction novels of that year, and as one of the hundred best such novels of the decade, Long Voyage Back is an unforgettable action-adventure story.

From the REVIEWS:

This is a tremendously powerful book. Rhinehart’s sense of drama is exercised on every page, and his tale rushes along from crisis to crisis at a breathtaking pace . . .a vivid story of human endurance and the will to live . . .
The Washington Post

LONG VOYAGE BACK is a tremendous work of fiction–utterly gripping, packed with thought and detail. . . At the end of the book you will feel as if you too have been on a long journey: terrifying, unthinkable, impossible . . . but rich and memorable . . .
Time Out London

This novel is one of the most devastatingly powerful books you could ever want to read on the subject of nuclear war. It is also an absolute gem of a suspense yarn, the kind of book that rivets you to your chair until you finish it . . . A minor masterpiece.
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

This book is astonishing. It is a tour de force that catches the reader completely by surprise . . . I was unprepared for the mastery with which Rhinehart propelled me, as swift as his knife-edged vessel racing for safety over open seas, through a world that grows ever more despairing.
Martin Caiden, author of Marooned

Luke Rhinehart has produced an extraordinary tale of human endurance and triumph of spirit. His novel is a marvel, a rare combination of fine adventure-writing and artistic literature . . .
The Milwaukee Journal

At its core LONG VOYAGE BACK is an adventure novel–a fine one–but it attempts to do much more and succeeds at every turn . . . (The characters’) emotional journey is just as important as their physical one and it’s that dimension of the novel that raises LONG VOYAGE BACK above the level of genre fiction. . . . (It) is just fine, engrossing fiction.
Roanoke Times & World News

Once in a blue moon a novel comes along whose setting is so unusual that it charms, enchants, or-simply compels the reader into its world . . . We live for a while as if we were companions to the main characters. We participate in their conflicts and triumphs. And when the novel comes to an end, the world it has created continues to reverberate in our minds as if we had been there. Luke Rhinehart’s LONG VOYAGE BACK is such a book.
The Grand Rapids Press

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