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Invasion by Luke Rhinehart

INVASION is Luke Rhinehart’s most original, entertaining and controversial novel since THE DICE MAN. A very funny Sci-Fi adventure story, a fierce political satire, a challenging look at how our civilization looks to aliens from another universe: this book is unique.

To be published by Titan in September 2016.

The Dice Man

The Dice Man

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Luke Rhinehart’s most famous work, The Dice Man is about the idea of one’s being able to explode out of a typical narrow existence by letting chance and risk into one’s life.London’s Time Out called it “The most fashionable novel of the early 1970s,” and in 1995 a BBC production named it “One of the fifty most influential books of the last half of the twentieth century.” LOADED MAGAZINE recently honored it by naming The Dice Man “The Novel of the Century.” Richard Branson recently named The Dice Man as one of the most influential books of his life. Read the article here.

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WHIMWhim is a comic-philosophical sequel to The Dice Man, but this time instead of a Lucifer loose in the world in the form of Luke in The Dice Man, we have an innocent embodiment of Chance in the character of Whim.”Anarchic, hip, subversive and comic . . . ” — The Times, London“One of my favorite reads of the year . . . Pure entertainment” — Belfast Telegraph

“Zany, bizarre, inventive . . . often touching.” —Bestsellers

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White Wind, Black Rider

WHITE WIND, BLACK RIDERWhite Wind, Black RIder (published in the U.K. as Matari) is a romantic adventure story about three Japanese samurai-poets and their conflict over the beautiful wife who is fleeing from one of them.”A powerful, exciting yarn” — All About Books“An impressive, solemn, but sometimes hilarious drama of 18th century Japan” — London Sunday TelegraphBuy White Wind, Black Rider Paperback


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The Search for the Dice Man

Search for the Dice ManThis sequel to The Dice Man tells the story of the Dice man’s son Larry being forced to search for his father, who has disappeared for the last twenty years. The conservative son sets out rejecting all that his father stood for, but his search — especially in one of his father’s still-existing Dice Communes — profoundly and hilariously changes him.”Always intriguing, sometimes erotic, and often funny, (it) will set you thinking . . .” — London Evening Press“Refreshingly different and quite humorous . . .” — The Leader

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Long Voyage Back

Long Voyage BackLong Voyage Back, first published by Delacorte in 1983, has also been published in a half-dozen countries. Chosen as one of the ten best science fiction novels of that year, and as one of the hundred best such novels of the decade, it is a Luke Rhinehart action-adventure story of a handful of people escaping from a nuclear holocaust, sailing from one desperate situation to another until they are literally at the bottom of the world. It was reprinted in 1995 by the Naval Institute Press.”A tremendously powerful book. Rhinehart’s sense of drama is exercised on every page . . .” —The Washington Post“The most devastingly powerful book . . . An absolute gem of a suspense yarn.” —The Pittsburgh Gazette

“A tremendous work of fiction–utterly gripping . . . ” — Time Out, London

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The Book of the Die

The Book of the DieThe Book of the Die is the “bible” of dice-living. It is a collection of essays, proverbs, parables, cartoons, poems, and essays by other dicepeople, all intended to help free us from patterns which dam our lives—damning being considered undesirable.Buy The Book of the Die Paperback

Naked Before the World

Naked Before the WorldNaked Before the World is set at the height of the roaring sixties on the Island of Mallorca and tells the hilarious story of what happens when squares and hippies, artists and intellectuals, peasants and prophets, try to co-exist in a tiny mountain village.Buy Naked Before the World Paperback

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Jesus Invades George

Jesus Invades GeorgeLuke Rhinehart’s new novel is a grand satirical vision that employs the same comic voice as The Dice Man to address the new chaos unfolding in the world’s wars and economic collapses.Buy Jesus Invades George Paperback

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The Book of est

The Book of setThe Book of est is a vivid recreation of the legendary four-day est training. This is the only book that takes you behind the sealed doors of est training rooms to share in the life-transforming experience. From the hysterical anxiety of the first morning to the elation of “getting it” on the fourth evening, The Book of est brings the training to life, moment by moment, to involve you in an electrifying experience. To read it is to participate in the rantings and hysterics, to witness the intimate confessions and heated exchanges between trainer and trainee, to live through the training data and processes that lead trainees to “get it.” It’s as close as you can come to the experience of the training without actually taking it.Buy The Book of est