Invasion cover

The new novel!

Super-intelligent furry aliens suddenly appear from another universe. And they’ve come to earth to have fun. “Louie” follows fisherman Billy Morton home one day and he and his family come quickly to love the playful alien. But when Louie starts using their computer to hack into government and corporate networks, and steal millions from banks to give to others, they realize that Louie and his friends mean trouble. Billy, his wife and two sons begin a roller-coaster ride of fame, fortune, jail, death, resurrection, and a distinguished ranking high on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” List. The Government soon decides that all these aliens are terrorists. They must be eliminated. The aliens are playing games they hope will help humans to see the insanity of the American political, economic and military systems. But the Powers that Be don’t play games: they make war.

Coming September 6, 2016 from Titan Books!
ISBN: 978-1785651755
Price: $14.95 US
Pages: 432

Advanced Praise for Invasion

“Classic Rhinehart. Fresh, smart and very very funny.”
— Danny Wallace, Author of Yes Man

“Invasion is an incisive, iconoclastic‎, humane and utterly compelling . . . Luke Rhinehart delivers a subtle and fast-paced page turner . . . destined to become a classic.” 
— Richard Godwin, Author of One Lost Summer

“Funny, warm, and with a streak of satire sharp enough to take your leg off.  Luke Rhinehart at his best.  I read the book, my teeth grinding with jealousy.”
— Nev Fountain

“Swinging wildly from innocent fun to black humor, playful slapstick to political evisceration, Invasion pulls off the trick only truly killer satire can manage: Making you laugh when you should be crying.”
— Robert Brockway, Author of The Untouchables

“A riotous, satirical pounding from another dimension. A fine addition to the Rhinehart canon.”
— Robert Wringham, Author of Escape Everything!

How do you hold up a mirror to a crazy world that doesn’t want to look? And how do you show it where it’s going wrong without preaching? If you’re Luke Rhinehart – aka The Dice Man – you distract it hilariously with a bunch of morphing aliens whose chaotic antics serve only to demonstrate how cynical and insane the world order has become. It takes a master of satire to pull this off because as a device, bouncing ‘hairy balls’ shouldn’t work, but they do. Once you stop laughing, you’ll realise you’ve been distracted – and hypnotised – just long enough to learn the lessons he so deftly imparts.”
— Steve Boggan, Author of Follow the Money

“. . . Luke has created a marvelous world, peopled it with marvelous characters and woven it into a marvelous story. It is by turns charming, satirical, laugh out-loud funny and disturbing.”
— Paul Lucas, author of seven plays, with a West End production of THE DICE HOUSE.