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Luke Rhinehart’s most famous work, The Dice Man is about the idea of one’s being able to explode out of a typical narrow existence by letting chance and risk into one’s life.



Luke Rhinehart’s most acclaimed novel, The Dice Man has been a cult classic for decades.The Dice Man is about the idea of one’s being able to explode out of a typical narrow existence by letting chance and risk into one’s life.

London’s Time Out called it “The most fashionable novel of the early 1970s”, and in 1995 a BBC production named it “One of the fifty most influential books of the last half of the twentieth century.”

LOADED MAGAZINE recently honored it by naming The Dice Man “The Novel of the Century.”

Curious about the origins of The Dice ManThe Dice Man is a novel that in most all possible universes would never have been finished and never published. But Chance, ever busy, created a series of accidents in 1969-70 in Deia, Mallorca, that allowed a 222page manuscript written over four years by an un-ambitious, unpublished
37-year-old college professor to be discovered and finished. The Dice Man, Deia, and Chance.

Read a review of The Dice Man by Ishmael Smith from the website “Life Changing Books.”

“Luke Rhinehart and THE DICE MAN have launched a psychiatric revolution.”

— London Sunday Telegraph

“A fine piece of fiction . . . touching, ingenious and beautifully comic.”

— Anthony Burgess, author of A Clockwork Orange

” . . . Extremely funny and very impressive.”

— Colin Wilson

“THE DICE MAN is a blackly comic amusement park-of a book,replete with vertiginous roller coaster rides of the spirit,feverish omnisexual trips through the tunnel, of love, and crazy images reflected in the . . . distorting funhouse mirrors of the mind.”

— TIME Magazine

“Weird, hilarious . . . an outlandishly enjoyable book.”

— St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Witty reckless clever … . a caper at the edge of nihilism. The vacuum of the will–Rhinehart has diagnosed the malady brilliantly.”

— Melvin Maddocks in LIFE

“An extraordinary novel impressively intelligent . . . It could even be a dangerous novel. . . At the very least readers will laugh until they find the tears running down their cheeks.”

— David Slavitt

“A hell of a lot of fun . . . As a writer, Rhinehart gives a virtuoso performance.”

— New York Herald

“Brilliant . . . much like CATCH-22 . . . the sex extra-juicy.”

— The Houston Post

“A memorable book . . . almost brilliant. It repels and

— Time Out (London)

“Outrageously funny . . . full of provocative ideas that may offer a glimpse of the future. . . . Scary, hypnotic . . . most dangerous . . .

— Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Hilarious and well-written . . . The first 30 pages alone are a brilliant summary of modern nihilism. Dice living will be popular, no doubt of that.”

— Time Out (London)

“The most compulsive first novel I have experienced since John Fowles The Collector. It also happen to be a very much better book.”

— John Harder in Books and Bookmen