There is nothing you have to do.
There is nowhere you have to go.
There is no one you have to be.
Roll on.

The sun rises in the morning whether you want it to or not.
The sun sets in the evening no matter how you feel about it.
Sometimes it rains. Your opinion on the matter is not of relevance.
Sometimes some one dies. Every milli-second some one dies. Your grief or rage do not produce a resurrection.
Your car fails to start. Engines do not respond to obscenities.
You have discovered your soul-mate. The universe yawns.
The President of the United States does something particularly thoughtless, stupid and unwise. The bad state of your digestion does not change the President’s mind. Continue reading


One problem with writing an autobiography is that the genre assumes that a human being can be separated from everything else. We are forced to adopt the convenient fiction that we are actors separate from the environment that has created us and envelops us.Gabe2dice
We live in chaos. What happens happens. What happens happens as a totality and not from some individual “decision.” All decisions are illusions. No one ever decides anything. So an autobiography can at best be an illusion narrating illusions about illusions.
It is thus impossible to write an honest autobiography. When we write about ourselves it is always a liar telling lies about a liar. No difference at all whether the liar thinks he is lying or telling the truth since he lives in illusion in either case. Continue reading

N.R.A. Proposes Law Requiring All Americans to be Armed.

N.R.A. Proposes Law Requiring All Americans to be Armed.

Canaan, NY —Saying it was “time to take action against the rising gun violence in America,” the National Rifle Association issued a statement today proposing new legislation requiring all citizens to be armed before being admitted into movie theaters.

The N.R.A.’s official spokesman, Horace Boom, said that the N.R.A. had taken this extraordinary step because it “could not stand idly by and watch loonies shoot innocent unarmed Americans. Had there been several N.R.A. members in that audience in Aurora they would have nailed him before he’d even raised one of his guns.”

The law, although not yet written, has already been sponsored by two hundred and eighty Republican congressman and forty Republican Senators.

“With a law requiring all Americans to be armed at all times, no mass murders will ever again occur in our wonderful country,” declared Congressman Matt Peterson (R. Indiana).

“I firmly believe that this law will essentially eliminate crime,” said Senator Orin Bash of Wyoming. “With a fully armed citizenry, which was clearly what the writers of our great Constitution had in mind, no criminal will dare undertake any violent crime. Mass murderers will be gunned down as soon as they begin shooting. Our movie theaters and restaurants and high schools will be safe again.” Continue reading


Creating a blog and a mailing list of those who’ve expressed an interest in my work gives me a chance to begin communicating some of my thoughts and writings to people I consider friends. These blog entries will be from both present writing and from the recent past, when I have been writing mostly short essays, stories and poetry.

Just as my nine books offer no consistency of style or subject, so too my blog entries will vary greatly in tone, subject, and style. There will be political satire, playful zen thoughts, poetry, short stories, parables, deep philosophical musings (let’s hope these are kept to a minimum), and some brief autobiographical sketches. Just as with the weather in some places, if you don’t like what you’re experiencing now with the blog, just wait a while–a different wind will be blowing quite soon.

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